Tour of BBC Radio Berkshire

My name is Bella and I’m working as one of 5 media trainees for Greenham War and Peace 2017; our role is to capture the stories behind the Common. For more details about the #GreenhamWP17, please visit the About section.

This morning we took a tour around BBC Radio Berkshire at Caversham Park. The manor is home to BBC Monitoring and BBC Radio Berkshire. The history of Caversham Park goes back to at least the Norman period - at which time it was registered in the Domesday Book - and later the English Civil War. The current building was involved in WWI as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers, then as a BBC Monitoring Service during both WWII and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

As trainees, we were invited to meet the BBC team who we will be working with over the weekend, as well as to better understand the production process. 

Bella Richards